artist: garet/lloyd/smolders/ubeboet
title: territorium
cat#: nvo_oo4
format: cd
release date: december 05

1. Richard Garet | circle | 13:55
2. Dale Lloyd | anamorphic_at | 12:06
3. Jos Smolders | aiolos (vangsaa exterior) | 13:02 mp3 excerpt
4. Ubeboet | THE WAIT | 1:25
5. Ubeboet | DOUBTS | 5:03
6. Ubeboet | WAKING UP (MISTY) | 4:06

limited edition: 300

Richard Garet
| CIRCLE | 13:55

The piece is comprised with field recordings from South America, NYC streets, NYC's subway system, and my studio processing.

Dale Lloyd

Created mostly with electronic sounds. One or two processed field recording elements of the local surroundings were used as well, however no actual insect or amphibian sounds were used in the making of this piece. The "AT" in the title stands for "Artificial Terrain". The piece suggests
the gradual evolution from one type of environment/organism to another and, of course, is reflective of the ever changing aspects of life and what we regard as "reality."
Spezieller Extradank: Heri und Raphael.

Jos Smolders

The title refers to the main protagonist, the wind. I have recorded this outside of a cottage in Vangsaa, Denmark. I have always been fascinated
by the power of the wind: its continuous/endless pushing and tearing at everything around us. Just like sound it cannot be grasped. Especially there
in Denmark, between the dunes it can be pleasant and violent at the same time. Then there is the ever changing movement of increasing and
decreasing pressure, the way the force rises and declines. This is the basic layer of the piece. These wind movements I have synthetically emphasized
by editing it through a CDP plugin. On top of that there are tiny bell like anomalies which are produced with Bhajis Loops.

| THE WAIT | 1:25
| DOUBTS | 5:03
| WAKING UP (MISTY) | 4:06

A nocturnal, psychogeographical approximation to certain acoustic phenomena found in urban, unnatural environments without human presence.