artist: ignaz schick / dawid szczesny
title: the view underneath
cat#: nvo_o13
format: cd
release date: october 07

1. one | 1:25
2. two | 10:15
3. three | 5:15
4. four | 3:31
5. five | 5:58
6. six | 9:06 mp3 excerpt
7. seven | 4:54
8. eight | 2:57

limited edition: 300

Ignaz Schick & Dawid Szczesny met for the first time in 2005 when Dawid was performing with Sofie Loizou in Berlin. Coming both from quite different backgrounds (Hip Hop/Electronica and Noise/Experimental Electro-Acoustics) they decided to collaborate on some recordings.

The first session took place “live on radio” without previous rehearsals the first night of Ignaz’ three weeks residency at Radio Copernicus in Wroclaw in December 2005. The next very early morning
they went into the recording studio and worked on the first tracks.

In early 2006 they did a short minitour with 3 concerts in Germany and in the summer recorded more material at Dawids house in Wroclaw. In all tracks you can notice a certain jazzy feel, maybe coming from their shared passion for 1960s “jazz noir”.